Captain Fabulous
I'm nat. Im 19 and i make music that you probably dont want to listen to...
Captain Fabulous

Serval kitten trying to climb by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr.

FOR REAL THO! #rp @lnytnz

IMG_3822.jpg (by Mark Dumont)

Galactic Volcano 2014 (by Yuga Kurita)

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…Behold, the beauty within these amazing creatures.

Colour spiral.
Full video here.

I’ve always been inspired by the world around me. What better way to capture it then to snap a photo of it and immortalize it forever?
I see the world through lenses, think of the world in terms of aperture and shutter speeds.
Photography has the ability to capture that which cannot be expressed in words, is a way of presenting the essence of visual reality, and is a means by which a photographer can share his/her own perspective of the world.
About my photos: Canon 70D, 18-200mm telephoto, Adobe Lightroom 5